Folks by the Window

Consultant, Artist, Wife. Her heart is in the reverse order, her actions keep everyone guessing and art is always stuck in the middle. She gets attached to genres and revels in them till they are either exhausted or if something interesting comes along the way. Expect to read reviews about a lot of classics – she’s bent on ticking off some from the ‘1001 Books to Read Before you Die’ list.

A closet introvert, who can't help talking, reading, analysing and pursuing various seasonal pet projects - not necessarily in that order. Suffers serious withdrawal symptoms if no readable material is at hand. So, what gives her a bigger high than reading a book? Talking about it to a kindred soul! This window is 'home' to her in the best possible sense. Here she will tell you what she saw, felt, thought when reading a book. Genre no bar.

A typical taurean who craves for all things beautiful and good, with books right at the top of the list. She has no discretion when it comes to choice of books though. For she believes, that every book presents a view of the world that one cannot otherwise fathom. And here you will see glimpses of that world she conjures along with the famous, the forgotten and perhaps the unheard of too!