1 March 2012

Dallas, Lieutenant Eve

eveMy one-time favourite fictional character, a creation of Nora Roberts writing as J D Robb. Eve is the protagonist in a series of books called 'in death series' - set in NY circa 2058, a time when real coffee, real meat, real chocolate, etc are luxuries and people normally eat soy-based stuff; communication is advanced, traffic is not just on surface but on air too. People use links and holos and VR goggles and fancy stuff like that. But one thing remains same - the business of murder. Since Eve is a homicide cop, each story is obviously a murder case but through the series you come across characters that develop and stay with you.
Its mostly about the personal journey of Eve into relationships and the life she makes with Roarke, who she marries early in the series. Its a story of survival from a gory past but not quite from the nightmares it causes. Its about the courage and sense of justice that drives the cop that is Eve. Oh yes, its also about her mean streak, stubbornness and extreme discomfort in social settings - dinners, conversations, gifts and get-togethers. Starting from a life where there is just one best friend and the job, Eve soon finds herself among people she comes to love and consider her own, and vice-versa.
Eccentricities like bad dress sense and aversion to decking up in any way, including getting a decent hair-cut, makes Eve all the more endearing. Some of her traits are even child-like, even if she is not so comfortable around children. It reminds that there is something to her beyond being the cop, even if she doesn’t realize it herself. All in all, Eve has become an integral part of my life, in a way that few would understand. I can almost guess what Eve would think / feel / do in specific situations and that’s more than I can say about some of my friends. For creating a character like this, kudos to Nora Roberts. In fact Eve has spoiled me for any other character the writer has ever come up with. I was wondering if someone will take it up for a telly series like ‘24’ but now I have found a near match in Kate Beckett of ‘Castle’ – happy enough!
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